There are personalities I will not fail to acknowledge. Without them, I may not have being able to come so far.

 First and foremost is Mr Gieso Spannberger, without him this whole story would not have started.

Mrs Anika Lifka(Regina Pacis Hospital Lomé/Togo benefitted from her generosity) . 

Thanks to Mrs. Sussana Goschiniak, ´╗┐for the essential part she played at the initial stage and also Mrs Bernadette Abalo(a nurse in Lome) for the translation and participation in all the screening sessions.   

Thanks to Dr Gúlcan for the sisterly advice and establishing contact to Mrs. Kim Czuma, who created my first-ever Homepage for nothing. My regards also to Mrs Dagmar Reppert who connected me to Mr. Christian Müller(he put final touches to my second homepage)

Thanks to L.O.G. for shipping my diabetes products down to Togo.

Thanks to all the members of DCWA especially the members of the executives, without them the second stage of my Diabetes Project would not have seen the light of the day.

Finally, my Family without whom I would have no base.

Thanks to all of you.